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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    Hi Daniel,

    You're completely correct that the mirror field doesn't allow you to do those things. The mirror backdoor, however, does let you mirror links AND mirror them across handoffs. Here's what that looks like: 

    Enter the URL into the small text field as usual. On a subsequent screen, create a link field with the SAME NAME as that short text field (that's important). In the field settings, open up the more tab and enter MIRROR (all caps) in the Receipt Label Field; that will convert that short text field to a link field: 

    Wherever you need that link to appear, create another field with the same name and add MIRROR to the receipt label. It will keep pulling that link along: 

    Here's the first part on mobile: 

    Then what it looks like when I pick up the handoff (it just reloads espn because my browser was already there): 

    Obviously this is a little more complex with conditional stuff happening, but using the backdoor instead of a Mirror Field should allow you to carry that link through. 

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    Daniel Lauver

    I had attempted that back door for about a week of testing and it did not work across multiple platforms or multiple accounts. The only time it worked consistently was to hand off to the same device that it was sent from, which defeats the purpose of the workflow.

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