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We have multiple people that create dispatches for multiple locations. It would be a great help if there was a pre-populated field with individual creating the dispatch or a way to add it as a required field when creating the dispatch. This way if the individual completing the dispatch needed clarification on something, they would know who to check with.



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  • Hi Tom,

    It would definitely be interesting to have either an assignment based on who's logged in and creating the dispatch or, as you said, a field that is required when creating the dispatch. You could get to this maybe with Zapier or Business Insights, but even then it would be a somewhat manual process of someone putting their name into the field and then sending it to GoCanvas. 

    I'm going to keep thinking about this one and see if there's a creative way to get to what you're after. 

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Ellen,

    The original post here, by Tom Johnson, would be a great post to upvote. Seems to be the only community post regarding required fields for dispatch. Just click the up arrow on his post! 

  • I don't need the name field but it would be nice to have required fields specifically for dispatch and then specifically for the person who fills out the app. 

  • Hi Ellen!

    When building a form, you can create required fields for the user. When creating a dispatch, the creator has the option to pre-fill a portion of the form before sending it out. Please let us know if this is the solution you were looking for!

    Thanks for your feedback!

  • Hello Troi, 

    I have created the required fields on the form but it does not require the dispatcher to fill in those fields before sending the dispatch. I am looking for a way to require the dispatcher to fill in the fields before being able to submit a dispatch. 

    Thank you!

  • Good morning Ellen,

    Got it! Thank you for your suggestion and I'm glad you were able to create required fields for your user. Unfortunately, creating a required field for dispatchers is not a feature available, but it may be helpful to create a static text field as a reminder to complete specific fields. You can adjust the settings of these fields to not be visible on the PDF or Mobile version in the field settings.


  • That makes sense. Is there a feature request for this already that I could up vote?


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