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When inputting reference data for part #’s for my field guys to choose from… is there a way (on the mobile platform) to start typing the part number as known in the csv file, so the go canvas app will start pulling up ( predictive text) to choose from like the app does on the PC version. We have over 1500 parts that would have to be scrolled through.



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  • Howdy Slade,

    Good question! Depending on the field type and the number of items in the reference data, a search option will be available on the field for the user to type in a value. The location of this search option may vary depending on your mobile device and the field type.

    For example, on Android devices using a Dropdown field with a list of reference data values that cannot fit on a single screen, the user can click the Search option in the upper right corner of the field. This will open a text box at the top of the Dropdown list, and as the user starts to type, the list will narrow to match the data that is being input.

    As there is an existing feature for this use case, I am going to move this post to the Using Apps Community Topic. I hope this helps!


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