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  • Howdy Robin,

    Welcome to the Community! For this use case, a Loop screen would be a great tool to collect attendee names and signatures.

    From the results you have described so far, it sounds like the Event Name has been set as the key field for your Loop.

    I would advise using the Attendee Name as your key field, with the Event Name on a previous screen. Here is a screenshot with an example of how the App could be structured:

    In this example App, I have set up the first screen (Event Details) for the user to input the Event Name, while the GPS and Date are automatically captured in Hidden fields.

    The second screen is a Loop, where the attendee will be able to add a new line item by inputting their name. On the next screen in the Loop, they can input a signature, then hit 'Done' to return to the key field (Attendee Name), where another guest can add their name.

    Key Field

    Loop Screen

    The final screen is just static text, advising the user to complete the submission when all attendees have added their names and signatures.

    You could also use the 'Attendee Signature' screen to capture additional attendee information, by adding other fields for different details.

    I hope this helps!

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