Conditional Screen based off of Null return from Reference Data



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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    Hi Shelley,

    Totally possible! You'd want to do a screen condition that triggers if the field that the reference data is populating in is empty. 

    Here's what my first screen looks like. The Letter field is an editable dropdown with Reference Data; the Column 2 field populates based on that field: 

    My second screen looks like this: 

    The condition is saying if that second field is empty (which it will be because it won't find the entry in the first field in the data set), then show this screen. Then you can capture whatever data you want on that screen (if you just want to capture that new value that you entered into the editable dropdown, you could actually use a Mirror field to pull in that value so you don't have to enter it again). 

    Does that help you out here? 

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