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    Nathan Holmes


    Do you mean you want to work through several submissions and then send them all at once so that you don't have to wait for a sync in between each submission?

    If so, and if you don't need new reference data or a new dispatch before each submission, you can do that by turning off "Sync after tapping Submit" on the last page of the app like this:


    Then after you have completed the "batch" of submissions you're working on, you can use the sync button at the top right, or go to the sync tab and click to sync there.  The software will send all of the submissions in at once at that point.



    Or do you mean kind of like this?


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  • Hi Diane,

    Does what Nathan shared above describe what you have in mind? I had a different understanding of the question initially, so if you wouldn't mind elaborating to help me have a better understanding of how this would ideally work for you, I would appreciate it!


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