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My client is using us as an inventory tool and his request is to have the ability to capture multiple bar codes without having to go back to the app and click the scan bar code again. He says since he uses a loop screen as there's no definite number of items he has to scan, the 2 steps of hitting the plus and scan bar code takes time off his productivity.

If there's a workaround you can suggest here please let me know as well.





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  • Hi Es,

    Thanks for relaying this feature request on your client's behalf. I can definitely see how the current experience hinders the potential to scan multiple barcodes rapidly. You and your client have highlighted an excellent opportunity for us to improve our design by reflecting on the human experience involved with getting the task at hand done quickly. This is exactly the type of perspective we want to keep in mind as we continue to make improvements to the GoCanvas experience.

    Thanks again!


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