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    Keith McQuait

    There are different calendar views and I can see the days of the week right at the top of the calendar on all the views except the single day view. So I am not sure how or which way you are viewing it that you cannot see the days. It sounds like you are asking GoCanvas to change something within the GoCanvas' Web UI so I can't help you with that.. 

    However, the second part of this is definitely possible with Zapier Integration.

    Zapier could potentially solve your day of the week problem too.

    Simplest way to manage your "waiting list" would be to build a Zap that logs all the necessary customer and job info (from your submitted app) into a Google Sheet.

    In the google sheet you can then set a "status" column as your trigger field.

    In Zapier, you can then setup a Zap that uses a Google Sheet "Updated Row" (with a filter) as a trigger to create a dispatch in GoCanvas when you are ready to go.

    Here's a link that helps explain how to setup a Google Sheet Integration. 


    Besides Google Sheets, there are other database management methods out there such as Airtable which also work with Zapier and GoCanvas. 

    Airtable, I think, would actually be a perfect fit for your situation because it manages things exactly like what you are describing. You can set statuses to items and add them to a kanban board. Then setting up what are called "views", you can simply drag the job record from a "Waiting" view to an "Execute" view and trigger a dispatch to GoCanvas. You can have other views such as "Cancelled" or "Postponed". Dragging the job from "Waiting" or "Execute" to "Cancelled" or "Postponed" could also be used as a trigger to delete dispatches from GoCanvas.

    Airtable also offers a calendar view where you could drag jobs across the calendar to manage/change start dates and trigger dispatches that way. Things could get a little messy though if you would move things after the dispatch was already sent without moving them to "Cancelled" and deleting the dispatch first.

    Here's an introduction video for Airtable: 


    However, setting something like this up with GoCanvas and Zapier is a relatively complex matter that takes a lot of hours of devotion to get setup and is definitely not for novices.

    Perhaps the GoCanvas Professional Services folks may be able to help you set something up similar to this.

    p.s. You could also use Zapier to send your dispatch information to a different calendar (like Google Calendar) where you may be able to see the days of the week in a way that is more to your liking.

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