Allow users/reporters to view calendar on Web UI



  • Hey Keith,

    Thanks for this request. I will say that we're working on functionality that would allow users to see future Dispatches on mobile (I'm not sure how far in advance it'll show, but at least a week). It will likely be in a list view not a calendar. For your use case, would it be most helpful to have the a month in advance, or the full 60-day window? 


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    Keith McQuait

    I am ok with the users seeing what's coming months in advance. Not something I really need them to see on mobile but if they are in the office and want to know what is coming in the next couple months or even 6 months out that would be great.

    Just like a GoCanvas employee can see more options than the customers, being an account administrator, I see more than the users. I didn't even realize user/reporters can't see the calendar.

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  • In the interim, would doing a zap to a google calendar potentially work? Basically this:

    You'd have an App that creates the Dispatch as its own Submission; that Submission would create the calendar event in Google AND create the new Dispatch to the original App. 

    It's a little kludgy but maybe a decent workaround given you're already zapping things all over the place :) 

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