PDF renamed and save to Google Drive with Zapier, mid workflow trigger

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  • Hey Keith,

    I totally get what you're saying. It's possible that there's something a little goofy with how our API is set up with Zapier, but I have one suggestion for you to try before I escalate this a bit. For the App you're using, in your Workflow settings, can you see what your setting is for who "owns" the submission? I have a hypothesis that if you set that to Final Submitter, it *might* get you that final version of the PDF. 

    Can you give that a try and let me know what happens? 


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    Keith McQuait

    Yes, it was / is always set to the original submitter. I do not use the other options. (The other options create to much confusion when I am trying to locate dispatches). 

    To test, your theory, I did change the workflow owner to "Final submitter" and tried it out. Unfortunately, no such luck. It didn't make a difference.

    I tried using "The submitter of the handoff" also. Same results.

  • Thanks for trying, Keith. I'll get this in front of the API team and see what they say. 

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    Keith McQuait

    Thank you.

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    Keith McQuait

    Any chance this is getting fixed any time soon?

  • Hi Keith,

    Thanks for checking in about this. At this time, the team does not have plans to address this functionality in the near future, but it has been logged for them to revisit at a later time. They are receptive and very appreciative of the feedback, and the Community team will continue to surface this internally on your behalf. 


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