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  • So you need both the label (BV) and the number generated, right? 

    To get the labels going, I'd do a whole mess of hidden conditional fields. Basically, if the field where you're deciding to replace bad valves = Bad Valves, there would be a corresponding hidden field that said BV. That will allow you to map those into a column on the sheet through Zapier. 

    For the numbers, it looks like you CAN get the row # from Google Sheets: 

    So I'd just put that into the Dispatch as the column you've written that to from the hidden fields in the App then - then the row number. 

    Does that get you there, Keith?

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    Keith McQuait

    There can never be a number 1, but yes, this works. Thanks Sara!

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  • You're number 1, Keith :) 

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