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  • Hi Katy,

    It sounds like you're doing some exports of your data into an Excel sheet, is that right? When data's exported, we use UTC because that's how the data is itself recorded, in part because, unlike time zones, UTC doesn't change. Time zones relative to GMT change in a lot of places, like in the US when going on/off daylight savings time. When it comes to exports, using UTC gives users the power to then manipulate the data on their own, with a starting point that's more neutral. Further, as we have customers who have users reporting in from multiple time zones, using UTC eliminates some of the uncertainty when tracking Submissions in those use cases. 

    The work-around would be to convert the UTC columns to local using a formula (something like this or this 

    Let me know if that's not what your situation is and I'll be happy to try to figure something else out. Thanks!



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