Does anyone else have major problems getting Canvas XL to load?




  • Hi Michael, 

    Sorry to hear you're having issues with Business Insights. Can you tell me a little more about what's going on? Are you able to activate the plug-in at all, or is that what's not working? If you're able to activate it, does it then not show up in the data tab? 

    This help topic walks through the common issues with getting Business Insights up and running: Let me know if none of those situations apply or help and we can convert this into a ticket for our Support Team. 


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    Michael Wenneker

    I've had it load before successfully but it randomly decides not to load and once that happens i cannot get it to load not matter what i try.

    I've tried reinstalling the addin, I've tried upgrading to the newest MS Excel, and Ive tried loading it in a blank worksheet.

  • Do you mean the data isn't downloading, or that the plug-in itself isn't appearing in the data tab? 

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    Michael Wenneker

    The plugin isn't loading. Doesn't appear in the data tab

  • Gotcha, thanks for the clarification. Two steps to try: 

    1. Click on File > Options (at the very bottom).
    2. Click on Add-ins.
    3. In the Manage field (at the very bottom) select COM Add-ins and Go.
    4. Check the box next to CanvasXL and click OK.

    If CanvasXL isn't showing in the COM Add-ins, but you've had it working before, you probably want to repair your version of Excel (instructions via Microsoft here). 

    If neither of those things address the issue, we can go ahead and convert this into a ticket for our Support Team.

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    Michael Wenneker

    I have a Ticket submitted, i just wanted to see if it is a widespread issue or not. 

    And yes, I've done those steps and it shows that is installed but when i select it and enable it, it never actually loads and never appears in the data tab.

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    By chance is your PC running a 64 bit version of Windows/Excel?  That is my issue and it is super inconvenient.  For some reason Business Insights is only available on the 32 bit version.  


    Maybe this is something you can lift up?  A lot of folks doing data management need to use 64 bit machines to keep up with the data load.  This makes what would be a super helpful tool (Business Insights) worth less than what it is due to this limitation.

  • Hey Ryan, 

    That's a really good point about 32 vs. 64. I'll ask around and see what we're thinking on that front. 


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    Michael Wenneker

    I am using a 64bit operating system.  I hadn't noticed that the addin was only 32 bit...

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