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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    Hi Jim,

    I'm assuming that in this scenario you'd know the number of things that need to be inspected, but not necessarily anything specific about those things. In that case, I'd use a loop where the key field is a number, and then dispatch those numbers (or, if you know something about the items, you could type those in instead of just a number). That creates a grid that the user can then fill out, and, as long as there's a required field within your loop, they have to fill out that row. You can also use a fun backdoor code to make it so that users cannot delete a row. Here's what that looks like. 

    In the App Builder: 

    This is just a number field as your key field. Under More, you'll want to type GRID_NO_DELETE (all caps) into the Receipt Label field (that's your backdoor to prevent people from deleting rows). 

    In the Loop settings, make sure you have your Style set to Grid (it will happen automatically when you Dispatch, but this is necessary for the backdoor). 

    Then put the fields you need on the screen inside the loop, and make at least one of them required. 

    On the Dispatch screen, add a Loop item for the number of items you need inspected (in this case, there are only two). 

    Here's what that looks like on mobile. The first two times I try to proceed, I haven't entered data into the required field, and it won't let me proceed. I have to fill out the required field on each row before I can exit the Loop. 

    Hope that helps! Let me know if this isn't what you were going for and I'll take another swing. 

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