Reference Data using bar-codes and an integration




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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    Hi Nick,

    So I don't have a QuickBase account to try this out, but I think it might be possible through Zapier: 

    I'd be curious if anyone has a setup for this already that might be able to share (and I'll ask around here as well). 

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    Karen Champion

    I would be interested in how this can be done also.  we need apprentices to submit their hours each month.  we would like to keep a running total of hours spent against a list of work processes and provide a visual bar chart to show progress of hours completed against hours needed to complete for each separate process.

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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    Hi Karen,

    Are you using QuickBase also, or would you be open to using another integration? I think what you're trying to do could be done with a Zapier integration to Google Sheets. Here's our help topic about setting up that part: From there, you could set up charts and graphs in Google Sheets based off the data you have coming in, just like you'd do in Excel. 

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