API feature request: Reference dispatches by ID

I believe the capability to reference dispatches by ID, not just description, would be a useful addition to the API.

At the moment, the only way to reference a particular dispatch in the API is by giving the dispatch description. However, in some cases, the dispatch description may not be unique, and this causes issues with deletes in particular.

When creating new dispatches, I suggest to return a list of the unique dispatch ID created, referenced to the dispatch description used to create them. This still requires that the dispatch description be unique within a particular XML document, but that's a requirement that is a lot easier for backend software to meet.

When updating and deleting a dispatch, it should then be possible to pass the dispatch ID, to control exactly which dispatch is being modified.

I know this would be possible, as the GoCanvas website itself is using this unique ID as part of the URL when viewing/editing a dispatch.



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  • Thanks for your feedback on this. Having the Dispatch ID available through the API makes sense. In the meantime, could you consider using the Dispatch Name field as your unique identifier? Just a potential work-around idea. 


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