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    Siobhan Tabatabai, Community Manager

    Hi Korey,

    Yes! You can put the App in 'Testing' mode if you don't want to deploy it to your mobile users just yet. 

    Step 1. Enable Testing Apps in the account

    1. Navigate to Account > Account Settings in your lefthand sidebar
    2. Scroll down to the App Settings section, and flip the switch for Testing Apps to ON

    Step 2. Enable Testing mode for individual Apps

    I'll reference the Help topic on this below:

    "The testing feature can be enabled only on apps that are currently in a Pending status. You can't test apps with the status New until you have published them. To set an App to Pending status, make a change in the App Builder and save, but do not click the "Publish to Device" button. Exit the App builder and return to the Apps screen. 

    To publish a Pending App for testing, follow the steps below:

    1. Click the App you wish to test.
    2. The the Actions section, select Publish for Testing.

    Once complete those steps, you will notice that the status has changed from Pending to Testing. The word (Testing) will be added to the beginning of the App's name.


    This Testing version will be published to all Admins and Designers on your account. On the device they will see the testing version as well as any currently published version that may have been assigned to them.

    When you have completed Submissions on the App you are testing you will see Testing next to these Submissions as well.

    Note: All testing Submissions will be deleted from your account when you publish the App.

    Once you have completed testing of the App and are ready to publish to your users you will be notified that all testing Submissions will be deleted from your account. If you accept this, the current testing version will be published and the (Testing) header will no longer appear on the device."

    I hope this helps! Thanks for reaching out!

    All the best,

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