Blank pages when using page breaks




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    Keith McQuait

    App builder page breaks only add page breaks when outputting to a standard pdf (not a designer). Yes, any designer added page breaks will show whether there is content or not. You will find more quirkiness in your future. Like section headers breaking away from the content across page breaks. Is what it is.. until they make improvements. You can use things like character limits to force content to one page. Personally, while it isn't the most visually appealing, I just removed the forced page breaks and have resigned to just allow it to happen.

    If it is really important that a pdf look a certain way, for a fee, GoCanvas will build you a custom output.

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    Canvas will make promises they can't keep. Unless it is a simple form don't waste your time.

  • Hi Glen,

    I'm sorry you're having trouble with GoCanvas and, specifically, the PDF Designer/PDF output. I've been in touch with our Support Team about the issue you're experiencing and will continue to monitor the ticket to make sure it is resolved. 

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