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I've got a screen on my app with survey questions that aren't showing up correctly on my PDF.  In the app builder, the question reads "Did you wipe down each station with regulated cleaner?", but on my PDF, the question says "Did you verify the eye wash station card is up to date?"

Not sure what's going on here, I added the field to my PDF before, but now it isn't working. 



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    Howdy Chase!

    This can happen if you've updated the verbiage or fields in the app, but kept the same field in the PDF designer. The fix is to remove that field in the PDF editor (in this case, the "Did you wipe down each station with regulated cleaner?" field). You'll want to delete that field from the PDF, and then drag it back over from the app outline on the left, to re-establish the connection. 

    If you want to bring the entire PDF up to date with any changes you've made to your app, you can always use the 'clear layout' and 'auto layout' buttons at the top of the designer, but this would rewrite everything, including the layout of the PDF, and any custom text or images you've added.

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