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    Keith McQuait

    Yeah I can see where that's an issue. The US Navy always required DDMMMYY. I would use a dropdown with reference data until a fix is ever deployed.

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  • Hi Benjamin,

    Thank you for suggesting this! I agree that a wider variety of date formats would be useful to many. 

    And thank you, Keith, for suggesting using Reference Data to work around this in the meantime! Great idea.

    Benjamin, these are the steps you would take to set up a workaround using Reference Data:

    1. Create an Excel spreadsheet with a column of the dates in your preferred format, then download it as a CSV file. (Screenshot example below, I threw mine together in a few minutes with the help of some Excel magic. I can email you my file to save you some time, if you'd like!)

    2. In your App, add a Dropdown Field and label it "Date".

    3. Click on the field to view its Field Settings on the left, then expand the Reference Data tab.

    4. Click the Add icon to add new Reference Data, upload your CSV file, and then click Save.

    5. Select "Date" under the Reference Column dropdown menu. This will map the content of the "Date" column in your spreadsheet to populate the dropdown menu's selections.

    After you save and publish the App, you'll see the dropdown menu is searchable when filling out a submission. You can start typing in any part of the date to search the list. Here it is in action:

    Note: Unfortunately, the default value can't automatically be set to today's date the way it can be in a Date Field. You may also consider adding an extra blank row at the top of your spreadsheet to leave the value blank until somebody selects another from the list.

    I hope this helps you in the meantime! Either way, I appreciate you taking the time to share your great feedback with us. 





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