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    Keith McQuait

    There are other submission notification options available if you use Zapier. Based on what I heard in the Q4 Presentation, doesn't sound like you are getting a Mac desktop version anytime soon (if ever).

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    Anna Grotzky

    Bummer about the mac version. Can you point me in the zapier directions direction?


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    Keith McQuait

    There are a lot of different options available with Zapier. Basically, you use a GoCanvas workflow hand off or submission to trigger an action by a third party. Zapier does the additional step (setup by you) based upon the type or content of the handoff or submission. There are lots and lots of available actions that can be triggered.

    The basics of Zapier integration are covered here:

  • Hi Anna,

    To Keith's point, Zapier can help you do a lot to set notifications up, like triggering a separate email or even a text message. Let us know if you have any specific needs that we can help you find a workaround for. 



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