Conditional for NULL in Number Input

I ran into a use case where I needed to evaluate a NULL value in a number field. As it turns out all blank answers are interpreted as zero which numerically is invalid. 0 != NULL as any programmer knows.

I was able to work around the issue by creating a mirror field of the number and leaving the conditional value blank/ But having to create a mirror field to handle a NULL value in a number field is a cloogey workaround. 

I am requesting a condition for numbers to match when they are blank (NULL) that is not interpreted as a zero which is a value. This may also apply for other fields but most especially applies to numbers. 



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    Hi PDC PE's! 

    The GoCanvas mobile app does still treat blank fields as a 0. So if you are trying to set up a condition, then that is where the workaround listed above is the best course of action.

    If you have a specific use case or need for this to act differently, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success team. 

    You can also upvote the original post if you are interested in this feature so it can be brought to our future roadmap discussions.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Mike,

    Thank you for this feedback. While I'm happy to hear you have a way of working around the issue, I appreciate you pointing out an opportunity for us to improve this experience. 


  • 4 years later it appears that 0 still equals NULL/BLANK.   Can you confirm if this has been fixed in some other way?


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