Day light saving - sample timing



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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    Hi Vanitha, 

    This is an interesting feature request. The work-around with the second time field is a good one. I'd probably have that field be conditional on a multiple choice field that said something like "Does this sample take place during daylight savings?" and, if the user selects yes, only then would the secondary date field appear. You could set that field to be no by default during winter months, and yes by default during the summer to make that even easier. Having that initial field would also make it easier if you wanted to do this type of data manipulation outside of GoCanvas (for example, in Excel), as you could filter by that field and make changes just to that data set. 

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    Vanitha Pradeep

    Hi Sara,

    Thank you for the suggestion and comments .


    Yes it will work but with the time recorded automatically the field workers would not be able to go and change it manually . Considering it as a special option something should be developed to enable this feature. Further, we have quiet more apps within gocanvas and not feasible to manually go and change it .


    Earlier I have raised this query with Shakil Ahmed who suggested of adding a new field for time . Perhaps this doesn't work as we have to manually update the field for all the apps. I have been asked to raise this as a feature request . Is there something can be done to provide a solution to day light savings.







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