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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    Hi Allen,

    There's a work-around for this if you have an idea of how many emails people may want to enter. What you can do is have a dropdown field tied to your reference data with all of your email addresses: 

    I've done three fields, but you could do more if you think people need more. 

    On the next screen, I've added a corresponding short text field with the email style for each of the email fields (note: these need to have the SAME NAME as the fields they correspond to on the previous screen). You will probably want to hide these from mobile so that your users don't see them, but for the purpose of showing how this works, mine won't be hidden. 

    In the receipt label field under More, I've entered MIRROR. This is the mirror backdoor (similar to, but not exactly the same as the mirror field; the mirror field doesn't allow you to change field types, which is what's needed here, so we have to use the backdoor). 

    Here's what all of that looks like on mobile: 

    The emails from the Reference Data are being mirrored to the email field types, so they'll automatically receive the PDF email (unless you remove them on the Submission screen).

    Hope that helps!


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