Adding Screen Name to App Name on PDF


Is there a way to add the screen name to the app name when it prints out in Standard format PDF?

For example, my app is Safety Report. I have several screens to include monthly, scaffold, and crane as separate screens for types of reports.

Can I have a printout that specifies "Safety Report, Crane" or similar so it specifies the type of report in the PDF name? 



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    Howdy Chase!

    I'd recommend using the PDF Designer tool for your reports. It sounds like you are using conditional screens in your Safety Report app.

    What you could do is add a Static Text field to each screen with the same text content as the screen's name, and use those static text fields in your PDF Designer as the Report header. You can use the field settings in the Designer to style the headers the way you want.

    The reason I suggest creating your own headers instead of using the ones that GoCanvas would generate for you is that the auto generated headers are not conditional (they will show up even if the screen is not present in the app). If you use a field within a conditional screen instead, it will follow the conditions. 

    If you're new to the PDF designer, here's a help topic with a video tutorial to get you started (but we have more help topics at :

  • Chip,
    I have to double check something. I actually use the auto-generate function in the pdf designer to get all the pre-formatted blue headers, then delete all the other fields out and drag them back in the pdf in the order I want. The auto-generated headers (I thought) do not show for a conditional screen if the screen condition isn't met.

    I've previously posted a feature request asking to have the ability to drag the headers into the PDF Designer just like all the other fields which would create a header with the same conditional viewing as the auto-generated headers.

    You defitely can't go wrong if you just throw the static text field in the app builder like you said.

    In any case, If you create a static text header using the PDF designer, it'll definitely show up in the PDF regardless of conditional branching.

    Same goes for page breaks. If you add a page break in the PDF Designer, you are getting a page break and a page whether it has information on it or not.

    After I've auto-generated, if I want a new field header to show conditionally in the PDF, I go back and add a static text using conditional branching as you described and then use the "hide" from mobile user feature.


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