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Would be nice to see us allowed to style text in the application, not just PDF editor. I am trying to build some applications and using notes that are only viewed by the user and not printed on PDF but with all the text the exact same these notes blend in with everything else. 



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  • Hi Mitch,

    Would this be useful in the field names, or within the text of a static text field (or both)? 

  • I see myself using it mostly for Static Text Fields. Just a way to differentiate a static text being used as a note to the operator from what is actually going to show up on the completed PDF. 


    For an example, Meter reading needs to be between 12.2 - 16.3 … Operator types 16.8..  I have a static text pop up saying "Contact Shift Leader for out of range reading" 


    The "Contact Shift Leader" static text gets lost in all the text around it.. I have this showing up in red on the completed PDF , but it would be nice to be able to make this Red and Bold on the application side so it will help them catch it before the document is submitted.

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  • I agree that it would be helpful to be able to use at least basic styling (basic colors, bold, italic, etc) for field names and static text both, but the use case sounds like it might be similar to this one about help text?




  • Nathan, That both option would be great. Unfortunately I see that topic was created 7 months ago and doesn't look like anything like that has been implemented. 

    Maybe a basic styling of field names and static text could be a quicker edit that GoCanvas could push through.

  • I agree that this would be a useful feature. I'm trying to split a screen into sections, with static text section headers, but I wish they could be bold and/or a bit bigger.

  • Agree. Have an energy level calculation for pneumatic testing built into an app which triggers a static text Warning! field when the calculations show the test is considered to dangerous to perform. Would be next to have the "Warning!" as bold red text..

    Don't forget to vote up the issue.

  • Great Idea!

  • @... - This would make the app so much easier to read from section to section.  Any updates on when text styling within the app will become a possibility?  I would especially love to be able to bold certain sections and possibly increase the font size.  Thank you!

  • Howdy Mark,

    Thank you for checking in on this feature request! Our Product Managers are actively working on improvements and planning updates to the App Builder.

    Functionality to change the color and style of text within the App Builder doesn't currently have a timeline, but I have surfaced the feedback to our Product Team and emphasized the solutions this feature would provide to multiple users.



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