Allow more than 15 columns / fields for reference data

I realize there are some workarounds (this article shows 2 good workarounds), but native support for more than 15 columns / fields for reference data would be great.

I believe that at least some of the reason for not being able to do more than 15 columns has to do with concerns about devices that may not have enough horsepower... so maybe there could be some kind of disclaimer that would have to be read and acknowledged before using more than 15 columns?

Then if you had apps that were accessed by devices that couldn't handle the load, you could just make sure that the reference data for those apps did not exceed 15 columns. Conversely, if you had some apps that were only accessed by devices that could easily handle the load, you could go ahead and extend your reference data as needed.



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  • Hey, GoCanvas!

    Any update on this at all?

    3 years to get this resolved seems ridiculous.

  • Hey Andy,

    I know three years seems like a long time but requests are not automatically added to our product roadmap. They are taken into consideration based on need and popularity. The more upvotes a post has, the better our product team can gauge whether a feature request will create positive impact for the most GoCanvas users. As announced two weeks ago, we are launching Builder BETA on October 26th, which includes requests that came directly from the Community and customer feedback. Improving Reference Data is something in consideration for future improvements to Builder BETA and we will continue to gather feedback once it's released to a wider audience. We appreciate your passion and continued support of this request in the Community and hope you will provide feedback on Builder BETA so we continue improving it!

  • Hi, What's the progress on this?

    15 columns is still a ridiculously low limit. Please can we get this fixed!

  • Hi Andy,

    This feature is not on the roadmap at this time but I will update here and other relevant posts if anything changes. Using multiple files is still an option to get around the 15 column limit. Here is the link to the Help Center article for those who stumble across this post. 

  • Hi Community Manager.
    Why is there a limit this small? I'm using multiple files, and with your recent updates there have been changes such as user groups which have made this process even more labour intensive than before.

    What progress is there on this, as I'm now looking at alternative software that will handle my Salesforce data in a far better way than your platform.


  • Hey Andy!

    My name is Mae - I'm a member of our Customer Success team here at GoCanvas. We appreciate your comment and are looking into this further for you as we understand the impact it has on your business.

    Do you mind sharing a bit more on what you mean by the recent changes such as user groups having an impact on this?




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