Ability to send/receive the data of a every hand-off via email.

Hi Team,

Do we have a workaround for this kind of scenario? For example, I'd like to inform the next receiver of the hand-off with the details I entered on the app. But instead of him checking the app to view it, he'll be able to receive an email containing the partial data (even if it's just a PDF file).




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  • Hi Kenneth,

    The work-around for this is to use Zapier. You can set up a zap that fires during each handoff: 

    Then hook it to an email (we use gmail, so that's what I've done here):

    You can pull in any data from the App that you want to send to the next person, including who should receive the email:

    Put whatever data you want from the App into the body of the email (you can also put in static text so that users know what they're getting - things like field labels are sometimes helpful): 

    Hope that helps! Let me know if you have questions. 


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