Adding item from list after submission



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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    Hi Dave,

    First, it was great to meet you last week at Transform! Thanks for coming out and providing such useful feedback. Sorry for the delay on the response here as well. 

    I'm assuming these are things that need to be added to loops, right? With that, if you have mobile editing turned on for your users, they could log back in on the mobile app and add a new row to the loop - that will update the PDF.

    That gets complicated if people aren't using their own accounts (for example, if each job site has their own account, and the person who needs to update their submission has gone elsewhere), so it's not a perfect solution. 

    But I think having the ability to do this from the web is what you're after (and I'm surprised it hasn't already been asked for). Thanks for the request!

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    Sridhar Mullapudi

    In a group/corporate environment where different devices are used by different users, ability to edit something on the web for allowed users is something very much needed. Because this solves the trouble to locate the device which has been used so as to edit the data.

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