Trying to fill in blanks in a sentence.



I am trying to populate a sentence with time information. 

Ex: "Field Representative arrived on site at 'TIME' to inspect..."

Is there a way to simply populate a sentence like this with a time that has already been entered? I can't seem to drag a time field to the middle of a sentence. 



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  • Hi Tyler,

    You can do this in the PDF Designer, but you have to play around a bit to get it to fit exactly right. We see this a lot in waivers, so it's definitely do-able. What you'd need is three columns: one for the text before the time field, one for the time field, and one for the text after the time field (if you also want what they inspected to be part of the sentence, you'd probably want to try to squeeze that into a fourth column, which is what I'll do here). 

    You'll use static text for the "Field Representative arrived on site at" part and the "to inspect." Those will go in the first and third columns. 

    For the time field, you'll want to make sure you override the global settings and turn the show labels toggle to off: 

    You'll want to adjust the horizontal padding in each column to zero: 

    From there, it's a matter of adjusting the column widths to get things as close together as possible.

    Here's what mine looks like when I preview the PDF: 

    And what that looks like in the PDF Designer: 

    Let me know if you get stuck!

  • Thank you Sara, this was helpful! I find this method good for times and inputs with a set text length though there are problems with a variable input such as someone's name. Any suggestions?

  • Hi Tyler,

    I don't have a good suggestion for that, unfortunately. I think this is something our Custom PDF team can do, but otherwise it's your best guess and the potential to have some extra white space if someone's name is particularly short. 


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