Allow Type-To-Complete For Drop Down Menus

In the GoCanvas for Windows app if you tab to move your cursor / focus from a previous field to a drop-down style field, you have to click / tap in order to cause the drop down menu options to appear.  It would be awesome if you could just start typing and have a visible auto-fill / type-to-complete style list of the available options start to show up under the field.  For users that prefer typing to clicking or tapping, this would save quite a bit of data entry time.



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  • I was asked about this again today.  When users have to click every time there is a drop down, it slows data entry and causes them to be annoyed.  It would be nice for the cursor to go directly into the search bar for a drop down when someone tabs into a drop down from a previous field.

    This is also true for other field types, such as date or time.  If the user is typing data into a field and tab is pressed, the cursor / focus should automatically move to the next field and be ready for keyboard entry (as opposed to click / tap entry).  This would save a lot of time and frustration for users that prefer to type rather than click or tap.

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  • This is still the same in GoCanvas for Windows


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