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I would love if we could set up a daily reminder (notification) to all users in our timesheet app to fill out their timecard for the day. Say at 9am every weekday. Just a thought that would be super helpful. Thanks!



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    Good News Heidi and Mike!

    We have just released a new feature that allows you send recurring reminders to everyone that has a particular App assigned to them. The assigned users will receive a push notification on their mobile device, reminding them to complete the App for that day.

    You can learn how to set up Daily Reminders here. Please make sure your users are on the latest version of GoCanvas so they can receive reminders.

  • Yes - being able to set a weekly reminder for all users of a timesheet App would be helpful for us. We could do this in 'Dispatch Calendar' but it's a bit convoluted (and needs setting up for all users individually), where a simple reminder for all users to complete this app on a set date would be great.

  • This is a great request! We have a lot of need, it seems, around being able to message or remind people. A couple of similar requests for people who like this one to upvote:


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