SPF, DKIM, and Custom Sender Email Address


Two requests...

1) Allow an email address to be set for Custom Sender Email Address that is *not* associated with a user account.  I want to use an email similar to "support@mydomain.com" so any incoming emails can be handled by a team.  Or, is there a way to add a "dummy" user account with that type of email address... just to be available in that pulldown, but not an actual user that would use any apps?  

1.1) It looks like clients could update their SPF record to contain ip4:, which would avoid spam/spoof errors, since GoCanvas is using SendGrid as their email server.   

2) Support DKIM email signing.  




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    Happy Wednesday!

    GoCanvas has documentation for DKIM available in the Help Center. Please reach out to your Account Manager for more information about adding DKIM to your plan.

    How to Ensure GoCanvas Email Delivery

  • I spoke with a vendor calling in on behalf of one of his clients, hoping to get DKIM keys. They've been having issues with their emails not being delivered with a custom sender email address. Allowing validation through DKIM would really help with this (although many customers may not even know about it, or that it would help them, so this may be causing it to get less support in the Community). Posting here to give this support on their behalf.

    If custom sender emails are being sent to external customers, white-listing isn't really an option to help with this.

  • Would like to be able to enable DMARC for our domain, but without being able to setup DKIM, all our Canvas emails would stop being delivered. Is Canvas ever going to implement DKIM?

  • Tom:  Thanks for adding your support.
    Bowie: thanks to you, too... I didn't see your post a year ago.

    GoCanvas:  I still want DKIM.  (I'm the OP.)  Currently I use the default non-custom email, to avoid bounces.

  • We also use the default non-custom email to avoid bounces.

    I know it doesn't help, but I think part of the problem on the GoCanvas side might be related to their use of a 3rd party email delivery system that may not provide them with a reasonable or feasible way to customize settings for each individual client or account.

    That being said, it would be nice to be able to configure our own settings to allow more efficient, effective, and professional email capabilities.

  • Yeah, I honestly expect using the Non-Custom email is going to be the only option, but my internal managers do not want to revert back. 

  • Hi Devs team,

    Please look into this if you can. 


  • They have no intention of addressing this. Whereas all my other vendors have implemented solutions to address the new DMARC compliance requirements Google/Yahoo are enforcing in June, GoCanvas is just sitting around thinking that my customers really want to respond to a donotreply@gocnavas.com.

    This company rarely addresses bugs, and thinks it's okay to have everyone operate on a half-working product. Forms crash, app switching no longer works without kicking back to the home screen, Square integration is shoddy, and the complete ignorance to DMARC requirements is just the cherry on top. Can't wait to find a proper custom form solution, because I am tired of this amateur crap.


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