Custom Sender Email Address is selected so submission emails are getting flagged as SPAM, Spoofed, email couldn't be verified



  • Hi Roberta via Himanshu,

    I wish we had control over this behavior. Unfortunately, it's at the hands of the email providers you mentioned, and factors into their standard security protocols. If it's causing significant problems, I'd recommend turning Custom Sender Email Address off, as there are more things we can do to help push through emails from the GoCanvas address. 


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    Corinn James

    Hi Sara,

    Why doesn't GoCanvas offer a generic SPF record which we can add to our own domain?  That would cut down on the emails being flagged as spoofed when they're sent on our behalf from our own email address.  It's a much better option for anyone who doesn't want to use the generic "no-reply" email with GoCanvas domain - which needs to be explained to end recipients (who may still not read the emails and/or mark them as spam).

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  • That's a great feature request, Corinn (feel free to add it to our list: We do encourage people to white list our email IP if they encounter delivery issues, so this would be a more official/easier way of making that happen. Thanks!

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