Add Padding to Global Settings in PDF Designer




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    GREAT NEWS! The ability to adjust padding on a global level in the PDF Designer is now live. This will impact all non-header/footer columns by default. However, you can click into your header/footer to access their settings and check the box to apply Global Settings if you’d like to. Here's a little preview of it in action:

    Thanks for your help in making this happen! We couldn't do it without your feedback and support.

    All the best,

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    Keith McQuait

    This will be the greatest update ever!
    If I could only get back all those countless hours spent typing 0, Tab, 0 Tab, 0, Tab, 0.

    The only thing that could ever top this is "Turbo" Synchronization..

  • Good news - this is coming soon! We'll update here when it's live. 

  • Hey Keith,

    It won't change your existing PDFs, but the functionality should be there when you open up the designer next time. 

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    Nathan Holmes

    Very cool!

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    Keith McQuait

    Does this affect the existing Designer PDFs?

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