An editable GPS field or map selection field

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Some of our field work requires us to attend an incident where we cannot capture the location until after the event has occurred or where GPS is very inaccurate – which is where addresses are a problem as well.



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  • I also have this issue with my forms. I don't like the fact that the current GPS field can only capture the current GPS location. It would be much more useful if you were able to enter any address into the GPS field and then when you click on the GPS field on a mobile device it would open the device's selected map application (Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc.). 

    This would be extraordinarily helpful for our dispatch team so they could enter addresses for the field crew members and then all the field crew would have to do is press the GPS field within the GoCanvas app and it would automatically open their device's selected map application. 

    I saw some people have also said this feature would be helpful for the phone number field so that when you tap on the phone number field within the app then it would pull up the options to either call or text the phone number from your mobile device. 

  • Could this be done with two fields for both latitude and longitude, using field mask to ensure the correct data type (numbers) and number of decimal places? In theory you could use any coordinate system pair.

  • This would be a really useful feature.


  • Howdy Donal,

    Thank you for checking in on this Feature Request and for sharing your feedback! 

    We do not have an estimated timeline for this functionality for the GPS field. However, our Product team has been discussing potential changes to the App Builder, including updates to existing field types.

    I have shared this feedback directly with our Product managers. They appreciate detailed comments (and upvotes), as it helps with planning and prioritizing future releases!

  • We would really like this functionality.

    We often get asked to produce reports after the fact - nearly all of our reports have the GSP map into our PDF design - so every time we produce the report - we have to apologise that the Map on the front page is wrong.  Our only alternative is to redesign all our reports so we have to versions - 1. with GPS and 1 without.

    I simple functionality change that would make a real difference

  • Howdy Jennifer,

    Thank you for sharing specific use case details! We do not have any updates on this functionality, but I will be sure to provide your feedback to our Product managers for their consideration. 

    I would advise following this post, as any updates will be shared in the comments here, and you will receive an email notification when a new comment is made.

  • Hi Ellen!

    Thanks for contributing to this post. Opening up a map application with an address added to a form (either by the user, by reference data, or with dispatch) is possible, but with a slightly different approach.

    If your form has a field containing the word "Address," "Street," or "Line 1," the form will automatically show the navigation button on mobile (no Form Builder work required). There are a few specifications you’ll need to be aware of in order to enable this behavior:

    • This will only appear on Short or Long Text fields.
    • This will not appear on labels left screenskey field screens, or grid screens.
    • If you also have separate fields for Address 2, Line 2, Street 2, City, State, Zip, Locality, Town, Region, Province, County, Territory, Postal Code, and Postcode, GoCanvas will pull that data into the address as well.

    This Help Center article details exactly how to do this! Please let us know if you have questions.


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