Option to remove or at least customize the GoCanvas footer on the PDF Designer output


There is currently no way to remove the GoCanvas footer (powered by GoCanvas, web link, submission id) on the output generated by the PDF designer.

Could there be an option for customers to remove or at least customize that?

Perhaps based on plan or something?



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    Hi all,

    An update here. As of fairly recently, users who are on Business Plans and above can have the branding removed. This actually happens automatically for new users, but for those who are not new (so... everyone on this thread so far :) ), you can submit a ticket with the Support Team and they'll make it happen. 

    As a head's up, with the PDF Designer, you will have to go into the Designer, make a change (I usually add an empty section to the bottom) and save to get it to click. 

    You'll still have the submission ID, but everything else disappears. 

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  • Agreed that the static GoCanvas footer should be removed.  It is not appropriate for vendors to force its corporate advertisement on its paying customers.   

  • I would also like to customise the footer to include detail that is critical to my  clients.

     The gocanvas advertising tends to spoil the look and feel of the final document

  • Any progress on this to date?

  • This would be great to have.

  • Hi Nathan, 

    I'm using the PDF Designer and yes! I was thinking the same - adding customer name to the bottom. Changing the submission ID number was my first choice though so I was hoping that was an option. 



  • I too need a way for the "Submitted by" name and date to be removed from our forms ASAP.

  • Any word on this recently?

    We do not want the GoCanvas brand at the bottom of all of our reports. 

  • Hi, 

    I'm trying to customize the submission ID that is on the bottom of the PDF to reflect the submission name. 

    Right now it's generating a random number. Any way to change this or remove it? 


  • I agree with both Paul Barone and Paul Clark. When signing on to use Gocanvas those companies try to lever an advantage when it comes to providing service and the way that the service is executed. On a subject matter basis there may be very little to play with as this is usually where competition gets tough, but if I add something, especially on my bill without raising my service fees, that may provide the leverage for clients to get more benefits or enhanced benefits (which Gocanvas certainly does provide) and I grow my client base or even draw some competitors clients because of this enhancement, I can get the edge for a while and it may also provide internal benefits to all in my company.

    I have then created a stretch for certain competitors to catch up on and with the next round they may have the leverage introducing something beneficial.... Yes being innovative on a regular basis with your business may provide a healthy playing field and in this case as mentioned, Gocanvas does that.

    This is where the branding comes in, I need to show "my product" allowing the enhancement for the time being and benefiting from it and when certain competitors then do catch up, hopefully they will be as smart as I and also Join Gocanvas  : - )


  • Hi Nichole, 

    This is available for certain GoCanvas plans (specifically Business and above). If you're on one of those plans and still seeing the GoCanvas branding at the bottom of your PDF, please submit a ticket with the Support Team.


  • Hi Karise.

    There isn't a way to do that as far as I know.

    If you have the customer name in one of the fields in the associated "app", you could add that to the bottom of the page though.  Would that work?  Are you using PDF Designer or the Standard PDF?


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