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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    Hi Michael,

    This slipped past me somehow, apologies for the delay. You can get a certain amount of the currently logged-in user's data, but not the account ID. That might be a good feature request, though it could provide some security implications that would make it less than ideal for us to implement. You could do some dependent reference data though, and assign everyone a unique ID in that file (some info on dependent reference data here: 

    You'd have the file set up so that there's a column for the user's email address, then the column of the unique ID, then whatever else you wanted to associate. In the App, you could hide that email field so that the user doesn't see it, but have it suggest the unique ID from the reference data. 

    But, generally, we consider the email address to be a unique ID (you can't have multiple users with the same one) so that might be the way to go here, and you can pull that into a short text field using the system defaults dropdown (under more). 

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