What Apps Use a Particular Reference Data


I have reference data that is used by multiple apps.  I want to know what apps use a particular reference data.  I shouldn't have to open every single app to see if it uses it or not.  I should be able to open the reference data and it should tell me what apps are using it.



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  • Hi Chris,

    It's a little out of the way, but there is a Reference Data report that will give you exactly that information. If you navigate to Reports, look for the Reference Data Report. The great thing is it also tells you when the last time each file was ended. 

    Hope that helps!

  • This report helps but there are two minor enhancements that would improve it greatly:

    1. When running the report by Reference Data, sort the output in alphabetical order. It seems to be random now.
    2. When running the report by App, include the folder that the app as part of the app name and include that as part of the alphabetical sort.
  • Hi Brian, 

    Thanks for the feedback! I think it's in the order of when it was added, but that's just a hypothesis as my part. Super agree about the folders - I wish that was more prevalent throughout, as I always find I'm trying to remember which app is in which folder. 


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