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    Darin Bricker

    To expound on this, the current phone number field requires the dashes to be in place to be 'long' enough for it to recognize it as a phone number. We should have a phone number field that is country specific and, in the case of a US number, you simply input 10 digits and it outputs the proper format automatically. This has been around for quite a bit in several platforms.

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    Nathan Holmes

    The phone number piece of this is somewhat related to this (to me the address piece of this falls into the same train of thought - data validation / conditional formatting, etc)


    And this

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    Christopher Banks

    I would add that when a phone number field is requested from the user by the app, the phone number unique keypad (on iphone for example) comes up instead of the entire keyboard. 

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    Christopher Banks

    In addition, I would make the address fields able to be lined up adjacent to each other without creating a whole new column in PDF designer. 

    For example, you currently have to put City, State and Zip Code as three separate fields in App Builder. To make them show in normal address format on PDF designer:


    Street Address

    City, State, Zip

    You would have to create three separate columns next to each other for City State and Zip to line up adjacent to each other. 


    It would be great if App Builder had a standard address input and PDF designer output it as one box (in usual format) in the PDF. 

  • Hi Christopher,

    Thanks for your feedback! In your first comment, are you referring to desired functionality or functionality you currently experience? I ask because the Android GoCanvas app already pops up the number keyboard instead of the entire keyboard. We're implementing the same experience for iOS soon.

    To your second point, great thinking! We are in the midst of conceptualizing something along those lines, actually. Good to hear that this is something you'd find useful.


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    Christopher Banks

    HI Siobhan - 


    I use iOS, so currently the full keyboard pops up when in use. Many apps utilize a "telephone-like" input keys. I would like to see Canvas apps do the same. Good to hear that's on the way. 

    It would be great if the address blocks are input separately (so you can use drop downs, or make calculations based on the inputs - like sales tax based on zip code) - but allowed the PDF output to appear in the "normal" address format. 


    Thank you


  • It sure is, and very soon! I'll update you as soon as it's live. 

    This is great feedback about the address blocks. I'll relay it to the Product Team on your behalf. Thanks again, Christopher!

    All the best,

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