We need PayPal Transaction details on the PDF or Submission Details Sent to PayPal




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    I wanted to update this topic with some new info. First, we've moved from PayPal to Square as our payment capture platform. That's obviously a large change but the good news is that this exact request has now been implemented with our Square integration. Now GoCanvas sends the Submission ID to Square so you can reconcile accounts more quickly and easily. So this is completed, but on our new platform. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks for your feedback!

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  • Hi James,

    First, I agree - it's difficult to tie transactions from GoCanvas to PayPal on the PDF (though for some reason it's a bit better on the Standard PDF vs the Designer). 

    I did find, after some digging, that if you export your Submission data (either manually or using our Business Insights tool), you can get a lot more information about the PayPal transaction, including the transaction ID and the PayPal invoice number (which is what shows on the Standard PDF). 

    I think you're right though - it would be ideal if GoCanvas would send the Submission number to PayPal. 

    Thanks for your feedback!

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