Can I have something go to a workflow based on a condition?




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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    Hi Angela, 

    This is an excellent question and a very common use case! Here's how I'd go about it, using the example of a roof inspection. 

    If the inspector passes the roof, the user signs off as confirmation, and that's the end of the App. If the inspector fails the roof, it goes to a supervisor for approval. The supervisor inspects the roof and passes it back to the inspector to collect a signature either confirming the inspection passed or that it failed. This makes use of both conditional logic and Workflow. 

    First, you need a series of conditional screens. This is the initial inspection screen. The Status field is a choice between Pass or Fail. 

    The next screen is set to only appear if the Status is Fail. It's also what will set up the Workflow:

    The next screen is where the supervisor will determine if the roof has failed. You'll notice that there's a field on there for the Initial Inspector; that field is mirroring the entry on the previous screen so that this can go back to that user in the next Handoff. 

    If the supervisor fails the inspection, the customer has to acknowledge and sign off: 

    You'll need two separate screens for things that pass inspection. One is if it passes on the first screen: 

    This is the same screen, but the condition is based on passing the supervisor's inspection, but not the initial inspection: 

    Next, we need to set up the Workflow. There are two handoffs. 

    The first handoff is for the initial failure. It happens AFTER the conditional screen that only appears when the inspection has failed and is based on the inspector entering their supervisor's email address into the Supervisor field (though this could be done based off of Reference Data as well): 

    The second handoff will take the Submission back to the original inspector based on that field from the Inspection Failure Confirmation screen, and get directed to whichever condition is accurate (so the pass screen if it passed the second inspection, and the fail screen if the failure was confirmed): 

    Here's that entire flow explained: 

    Basically, you need that initial conditional screen and to set the workflow AFTER that screen. Then you're golden. 

    Hope that helps! Interested to see if other people have solved this problem in other ways. 

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    Keith McQuait

    LOL.. A typical scenario that every inspector has faced.

    A little dry inspector humor.

    As long as you are saying it's good, you are able to sign it off and accept it and are considered completely competent. No questions asked.

    The minute you say it's rejected, you are an incompetent nincompoop that doesn't know what you are doing and your supervisor is needed..  

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