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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    HI Todd,

    I have a potential workaround for you. It would allow users to "claim" a line of your bulk dispatch (and, if you wanted, you could set it up to not show after a row has been claimed). This involves google sheets and an integration tool called Zapier. 

    What we'll do is make it so that by assigning themselves to the Dispatch (claiming it), Zapier will connect with GoCanvas and create the Dispatch. Until that item in the sheet is updated, it will stay in the cloud, and not go into GoCanvas. 

    I've created a simple App to test this, but it would work with anything you're currently using. 

    To start, I downloaded the sample Dispatch file, copied the column headings, and pasted them into a new Google Sheet: 

     Now, I'm logged into Zapier (you can create a free account at to test this out). 

    My Zap uses Google Sheets - new or updated row as its trigger. I've told it to use that Cloud Dispatch sheet. Make sure you enter one row of real data into the Sheet so that Zapier can test your steps.

    This is what's key: I've set the trigger column to User e-mail (which is the field GoCanvas uses to assign the Dispatch): 

    Next, you'll set up your Action, which will be to create a GoCanvas Dispatch. You'll select the App you want to Dispatch to, and also set the Assign Item To to be that User e-mail field: 

    You can map whatever other data you want (make sure to have at least one field in the App mapped, just like with a usual bulk Dispatch). 

    Now you can test. You should be able to add all of your Dispatch data EXCEPT the User e-mail, and nothing will happen. Once you - or any of the people who have access to that sheet - add a value to that column, that row will get Dispatched through Zapier. 

    This is a little convoluted, but once it's set up, should be pretty set. You can then do a lot with the data in Google Sheets, like create a filter to remove "claimed" Dispatches so others can't view them, that kind of thing. 

    Let me know if you have questions! I know this is a pretty advanced work-around, but it should be pretty functional, too. 


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