Reference Data says I can't leave column blank




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    Hi Hector,

    I'm happy to clarify. If you take a look at your file, you'll most likely see data within a column that has no header on it. In order to upload data to GoCanvas, there MUST be a column header so that you can provide the proper commands in the app builder to reference that information. Without a header, GoCanvas has no way to sort the information. 

    Sometimes it's difficult to see if you have data in a column depending on your cell formatting in Excel. Be sure to space your columns out to make it easier to see what should go where. 

    Let us know if you have any further questions! 

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    Health & Safety - Raglan

    There is also a problem if you have copy pasted stuff into the CSV file.  It seems there are unseen bits left behind (ghosts in the machine). If you strike this problem I found it best to copy the data into a new file and save as values only. This cleans off the ghosts and everything works happily.

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