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Is there a way to set (or remove) a default value for reference data that's used in a drop down? I need to have the option to remove the default value so our users must choose a value each time they make a submission. They have been getting lazy and have not going through each drop down, just using the pre-populated default value. I know the option is there for regular drop downs to set and change the default value. Can this be done with reference data? 


What we generally recommend with Reference Data is having the first row below the column headers be blank. That way, as you've requested, users are forced to chose something because that space is blank.


I had the same question as Estel. Thanks for the answer Sara!

Although if the field requires an entry, this top blank row would suffice as an entry, therefore wouldn't bounce if the user didn't select a different row. 

Might still be an opportunity for a design change, that will allow us to select a default text to show on startup that isn't pulled from the reference data. In other apps and websites, this text is usually in italic and greyed out, and says something link 'press here for options'. 

Also by putting a blank row at the top of reference data pre upload, it will nicely present a blank in the dropdown at app startup.

But if a following dropdown uses the first dropdown selection as a 'reference field' of prefiltered data, the default will always show the value at the top of the list, not the blank.

Unless of course you add heaps of blanks in the ref data at every combination of filterable lists.

Could this thread please move up to a possible design change for consideration?


That's an amazing catch. Could you put that in as a separate feature request? 





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    Howdy Tim,

    Thank you for this feedback! We have released improved functionality for Drop Down fields, including an option to set blank default values directly from the App Builder! Please check the release notes for more details on how to set blank default values.

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