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I need a field that allows me to make a list.  I want to select values from a drop down list and have them populate as a list in a single field.  For example, if i have a list of employees in my reference data and I want to list a few of them as contacts to help with a certain project, i would like to be able to select them and then have those names populate as a list in a single field.



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  • Hi Keith,

    There's a way to do this using two different backdoor tricks. Here's how I have it set up: 

    In the App Builder, I have a dropdown field populated based on reference data. But you need to be able to select more than one value, so we need the backdoor. In your field settings under more, there's a field called receipt label. Type in CHECKBOXES (yes, all caps). That will make this field pretend to be a multiple choice checkbox field, but still give you the ability to populate with reference data. Heres' what that looks like for me: 

    On your next screen (it has to be a different screen), you'll want some sort of text area. I've gone ahead and used long text, which I like because it breaks each person onto a different line. You'll need to name this field the EXACT same thing as your field where users are selecting the person (in my app, that's People). Open up the more tab again and in the receipt label field enter MIRROR: 

    So now that field will pull in any values entered in your checkboxes. This is what that looks like on mobile:

    You can make that second field read-only, if that's helpful, or even not display it in the App if preferred. 

    Let me know if you have questions, I know this is a little complicated.


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