Can I have data from conditional screens only show in the pdf name if the condition is met?




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    We suggest using short text fields with a default value (which would be the necessary code) and setting them as read only-  the issue with static text is that they will appear in the submission ID regardless of the conditions;  switching them to short text fields should circumvent this.  Once you do that, they should behave the way you need them to.

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    David Munoz

    Question for clarification: If I add a long text field with a default value, and then add a condition that this screen will only appear if the previous question is marked "no," then will the default value still appear in the excel export if the previous question was marked "yes?"


    Basically, I'm asking the end-user a series of "yes" and "no" questions. If they answer "no" then I'm asking them to explain why, using a long text box. The typical response is standard, but on occasion, it can be different. I'd like to pre-populate the long text box with the typical reasoning and allow the end-user to edit the response as needed.

    However, I DON'T want that pre-populated response to ALWAYS to appear if the question was initially marked "yes"

    I wanted to confirm that pre-populated responses for long text boxes only appear if the condition was met. Correct?

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    Lauren Sunday

    Hey David,

    Great question! You are correct, when the condition is not met, then the default value does not exist in the submission and therefore will not appear in the export to Excel. 

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