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    Hi Tim! Thanks for posting in the Community! 

    To answer your question: As you noted in your question, app updates become available to a user upon syncing their devices. The reason for this is that GoCanvas is an offline solution, so updates don't automatically download to the device. When you publish a new version of an app, the first thing I would suggest is to ensure that you are sending users notifications when this is done. Provided that they have an internet connection (either wifi or cellular data), they'll receive a push notification to their mobile that a new update is available, at which point they should sync their devices. 

    However, you can also force users to sync their devices regularly using a pretty handy setting on our website. 
    If you look under Account>Customize>Client Timeout Window you can set your users to be forced to sync at least every 1/2 day. I'd highly advise doing this to keep your users as current as possible. 

    You can also try to plan pushing updates out strategically on the week/day (first thing in the morning, or last thing in the afternoon, for instance. 

    Let me know if you have any questions. We're happy to help! 

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    Brian Garcia

    Was about to post this as a request but seems like there is a mechanism.  I have some follow up questions about it though:

    1. We have many apps spanning many different clients in our single account. It looks like this is an account level setting? Is there any way to set it at a more refined level like Department or User Group?
    2. What exactly does "forced to sync at least every 1/2 day"mean? If they try to start a new record without syncing once 12 hours (or more) have elapsed, they get some sort of notice?  What if they're offline at that time?
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