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    Lori McIntire

    Similar to this, why can't the app auto-populate the day of the week?  It defaults to "today" so it knows what date it is.  If it knows the date, it should be able to populate the corresponding day!  When you launch the mobile app it says "Happy Monday", yet once you open the app it no longer knows that today is Monday.  I have gotten submissions with "July 4, 2018" as the report date and "Monday" as the day of the week for that report date (July 4, 2018 was on a Wednesday!)

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    Health & Safety - Raglan

    This is a needed feature.  days in the week should auto match with the date.


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  • Howdy All,

    Thank you for this feedback! We had a recent post that checked in on this functionality, so I wanted to comment here with the latest update.

    Currently, Date fields only list the day of the week on Android devices when choosing a date:

    On iOS devices, an organized calendar view is displayed, but the actual days of the week are not shown:

    I can understand how displaying the names of the days of the week would be helpful, especially in the Date Picker view on iOS devices. I have shared this feedback (along with the comments about auto-populating the day of the week in the Date field after user input) directly with the Product Managers for their consideration.

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