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    Hi Amy,
    If you have either "auto upload" enabled, or disabled, but had the setting on the last page of the app for "sync after tapping submit" enabled, both situations, as soon as the app synced, it refreshes history. You don't have to sync again to refresh the history.

    If the user is submitting their work and then editing it later, when you submit the work initially the history will automatically have been refreshed, because history refreshes when you click sync, or when an auto sync occurs using the auto upload feature.

    If a user didn't actually submit the work, then it is not going to show up in history until they sync again, because a submission is only stored on their device until it is uploaded. If the user has not been uploaded, it will not show up in history because history is pulling from our website not the device. Therefore, as long as they have auto upload enabled where as soon as they submit the work with network connection, it uploads it on the spot, then it should show up in history later without having to refresh it because it refreshed when they synced up the submission initially. Same goes for if auto upload is not enabled, but if they had "sync after tapping submit" enabled when they clicked the submit button.

    A submission waiting to be synced won't show up in history, but you can go to the sync page to see it prior to submitting it and that will also allow you to edit it.

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